Friday, April 9, 2010


For my birthday last year, I gave myself the gift of time...I poured oil in our jacuzzi tub and lined it with bath salts.  With candles lining the tub, I loved myself.  Setting the ipod to the tunes of Alberto and Kimberly Rivera, I soaked in the presence of my Heavenly Daddy, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

At some point, as I lay my head against the bath pillow, the music stilled itself and I began to hear a conversation.  Quickly finding the towel to dry my hands, I began to journal what I was hearing.  For eight months I've treasured this and held the words in my heart.

Why share them today? Because I feel that Papa would have me pull back the veil and show others that you too can have an intimate relationship with the Lover of your soul.  You too can know the song that was sung over you before you were placed in your mother's womb.  I hope that mine, will invoke a longing within your heart to hear your own song of belonging and destiny.

May you come to intimately know the One who is the giver and sustainer of all life.

Felicia Murrell

August 23, 2009
I have loved you with an everlasting love.  The day I formed you, knitted you, fashioned you, my eyes were upon you - glued to you.  My precious one, I created you with strength.  I put ore in you and blew on the embers with the wind of my fire.  I fashioned you, knitted you, handcrafted you.  I poured faith in you.  I gave you leadership and strength; broad shoulders to carry the weight of my anointing.  I gifted you with song and poured a well of worship deep, deep, deep into you.  An effervescent pool of love bubbling up from within.  I gave you wisdom, insight, discerning of spirits.  "What else," I cried, "what else can I give to this one I love so dearly?  What can I give to this champion, this warrior woman of mine?"  Strength, Courage, Boldness, Understanding, Revelation, Grace, Grace, and more Grace.  Ah Yes!!  I shall give her My favor to go with her, to open doors, to prepare the way...and resiliency.  Yes, Spirit, she shall need resiliency and endurance for the long haul.  Wow, Father!  Look at her!  Look at what You've created.  Isn't she beautiful?  You should call her joy, happy.  Yes, Son, I shall put it in the heart of her family to call her Felicia.  For a season, she shall walk and her identity will be veiled.  She will be called out of her name and will not know or recognize all that is within her but then a day shall come, surely even now the hour is upon her, where she shall arise and declare herself blessed of the Lord.  So much beauty in her name.  Yes, indeed Father, beautiful.