Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I am righteous

I am worthy

I am loved

It's my time to play

Jesus wants the best for me

Daddy God is not withholding anything from me

God believes in me.

God delights in me.

God loves me.

I am good. I am a treasure. I have worth.

I am pleasing to Daddy God

©2011 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 

Life Lessons in Marriage

Life lessons in my journey of marriage:
1) Don't beat yourself up about not having time for everything.  Lean your heart into God and lean back and love others.  Through His grace, Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom to do the things you need to do. So enjoy the moment and aim your heart at thriving in the season you are in.

2) On a good day, you control you. Tell yourself what to do and do it.  Be honest about your feelings and your expectations (ones you've placed on yourself and on your spouse).  It's important to understand that the goal of communication is not agreement.  The goal of communication is to be heard. Get good at telling your spouse what you need. Give them the tools they need to love you. Don't assume they know what you need. Silence sets you up for injured expectations which leads to discontent and disillusion. Eliminate this with good communication.  Make your heart and your home a safe place where honesty, transparency, and vulnerability can have free reign.

3) Lastly, keep it hot! Let your passion for God create the overflow and outflow of your passion for your mate.  Love deeply. Don't hold back any part of you. Give freely. After all, you are created in the image of a generous Father. Forgive quickly. Always value your connection above being right. Unforgiveness  blocks intimacy and opens the door to torment.

Have fun!

Remember that joy is 1/3 of the Kingdom of God (Romans 5:17).

Laugh a lot.

Play games together.

Get good at loving. Have fun at living.

Let your hair down and enjoy the journey.

©2011 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 

The Commissioning

You bid me write
You bid me come
You bid me dream with thee

What shall I say to you
What shall I write for You
What thoughts does Your heart hold

Secrets to share with me
Infinite love released
Mysteries to unfold

I'm searching Your heart today
What's on Your mind today
What part of Yourself
Will You reveal

Partner with Me today
I'll teach you how to pray
How to declare My will

I will provide for you
My grace abounds to you
Oh the depth of how I feel

I willingly died for you
Now I want you to live

Live in My heart today
Be found in Me this way
Extend your hand to heal

©2011 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 


The waves crashing in, roaring in
Flooding the nation

What's the sound?
Hear the sound?
It's the voice of mighty waters

Peace, I say
Peace, I say
Peace to all your borders

The roar of the land
The roar of the sea
Blending in perfect harmony

There's a unity in the sound
A oneness in the song
The saints are summoned
To sing along

Carry the tune
Pound the drum
Come people of God
Hum hum hum

Crashing In
A melodious song on the lips of men

Praise Him
Raise Him
Lift Him high

He's the roar of the ocean
The symphonic beat
The Desire of the Nations
The Love we seek

Releasing hope to all generations

Hear the song?
Hear the sound?

Be Free
Go fulfill your destiny

For this cause I've come
For this cause I've came
To redeem you, restore you
Give you my name

Go Live
Go Be
Go fulfill your destiny

Heaven applauds you
The earth awaits you
Will you join with the sound?
©2011 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 

Jesus, Our Victor

Shine Your Light
Through the Darkness Come

Shine Your Light
Let the Kingdom Run

Run Swiftly Runner
Tell All Who'll Hear

Jesus Has Come
To Set the Captives Free

Run Swiftly Runner
Shout the Good News
Life for All to Choose

Shine Your Light
For All the World to See
Today is a Day of Liberty

Freedom Has Come
Let Freedom Ring
Hear the Cries of Creation
Hear the Children Sing

Light Through the Darkness
Light Across The Land
Available To All
On the Sacrifice of One Man

Jesus the Lamb
Jesus, Our King
Be Lifted High
Let the Anthem Ring
Jesus Proclaims Your Liberty
Jesus Has Given You Victory

Run On Runner
Drum on Drummer
Run Tell the Good News
Be Swift on Your Feet

Jesus Saves
Jesus Heals
Jesus' Death Frees You
Be filled. Be filled.

God is our Warrior
God is our Victor
God is the Answer
God is the Key
Be free. Be free.

In Him You'll find Wholeness
In Him You'll Be Free
In Him You'll Find Safety
In Him You'll See
In Him You'll Find Access to Your Greatest Needs
In Him You'll Find Freedom
In Him You'll Find Hope
In Him is Every Reason to Get out of the Boat

Get Out and Walk
Jump Out and Run
Grab a Hold of the Victory
That's Yours Through the Son

He's for You
He's With You
He is the Key
He's Your Hope
Your Lamp Stand
Your Victory

Out of the Darkness
The Light Does Shine
It Dances Across the Horizon
Changing the Landscape
Keeping Rhythm in Time

It's for the Brave
It's for the Weak
It's for All
Who Are Willing to Seek

Are You Willing To Seek?
Willing To Trust?

The light of the Lord
Dancing Across the Landscape
The Breath of His Spirit
Blowing On Every Heart
The Smile in His Eyes
Revealing His Love

Out of the Dark, The Light Does Shine
Beckoning His Beloved, Come and Be Mine
Come Let Me Hold You
Be One with Me
Come Share in My Love

This is Our Victory
©2011 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries