Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Glorious One"

The first line of this poem echoed in my spirit for days on end.  An exchange with a friend left me on the couch being loved by Papa God and from His healing balm these words flowed as I realized a major victory had been won in my submitting myself to be loved and parented by Him instead of turning to false comforts (snickers bar, vegging out, gossip, did I mention food?!) and tools of the dark kingdom (anger, defense mechanisms, offense, lashing out, withdrawing myself from the world).

It's long, but I hope you'll read to the end and enjoy.

“Glorious Ones”

I used to believe that God didn’t love me, couldn’t love me, wouldn’t love me

I used to believe that God was mad at me, angry at me, disappointed in me

I used to believe I wasn’t good enough, didn’t do enough, couldn’t measure up

I played cover up – hid my pain, concealed my shame

I was bound to the law, stuck in pity, chained by judgments, curses, lies and unforgiveness

Trapped in betrayal, deception, madness and unfruitful living

Then one faith full day I had an encounter with the Savior

“Stop kneeling at the cross my child. I’m no longer there. Behold I sit in glory at the right hand of my Dad and here you sit with me in heavenly places.”

“Come up here my Beloved. You are my workmanship. No need to be ashamed. Arise, Shine. Display my glory.”

And on that faith full day with words of love clearly spoken

The pain was gone, the veil torn, the grip of sin now broken

In the resurrected life, I live in grace

A renewed mind is being transformed

My life exists to become one with Him

The One in whose glory I am adorned

Joy Filled, Faith Filled, Happy and Free

I set my eyes on His and into Him I see

I see His love for me deep as an ocean

I see myself the way He sees me, a display of His splendor

Into this vast ocean called His heart of love, I do surrender

Grace is about His strength, not my own

Commissioned to do the impossible

The seed of His nature into me sown

Grace is divine enablement, God’s empowering presence

The ability to do that which I cannot do on my own with humility and reverence

I behold Him.

I become like Him.

The seed of His nature into me sown.

Once He was just fire insurance, master, then friend

Now He is my Papa and I am to be His daughter in law

For I am betrothed to the Bridegroom, a joint heir with Jesus

Receiver of the highest form of adoption known to man

Identity intact, He’s commissioned me to execute His plan

I’ve encountered God – the real God, not the one so oft misrepresented

Now I’m to make Him known. I have the family name

I’m one with the servant King

He’s clothed me in His righteousness

I bear His signet ring

With great boldness and confidence, authority and power

I decree, “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Your will, Lord, this very hour

I love Him. To be loved by Him – it’s now my life’s heartbeat

I’ve encountered His radical generosity

‘Tis so sweet

The love of my Heavenly Daddy and Jesus, His Son

The sweet communion of Holy Spirit, the Truthful One

All of my life, I’ve believed a lie

That salvation was the end all, be all

Truth be told – the lie unfolds

Salvation is just the beginning

The cross is an entrance into a whole new world

The door stands open for you

The plan was to bring many sons to glory

Creation awaits the unveiling of your sonship

Let the resurrected life shine through

Be free to be who you already are

God’s workmanship on display to the world

“O Glorious One, Arise and Shine

For the hour doth soon approach

O Glorious One, Arise and Shine

My Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear

The very thought of you I hold dear

I fashioned and made you in the image of my Son

Indeed your likeness is a glorious one

I fashioned and made you

I created you to be

A reflection of me to the world

They need to see

Arise and Shine, My Beloved

For This Reason I’ve Come

That you too might become my

Glorious One”

©2009 Felicia Murrell


  1. This poem is sweetly beautiful!

  2. Thank you for inviting me to join your blog. The poem is lovely and very inspiring. I love the way you refer to the father as Daddy. On our recent missions trip to Jamaica I had an encounter like no other. I heard the native people singing: Him my mi Daddy-o, I will not suffer, I will not beg for bread, Him my mi Daddy-o. I was awe struck and my life focus shifted from self to servant. What a blessing to be king’s kid!
    Cheryl M.