Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At the Beach

Even at the beach the shells tell a story
Some broken
Some cracked
Some fragmented
Some whole

Fresh from the deep
The shore scattered with shells
The light of the sun shining into my soul

Shells seemingly priceless
Shells deemed worthless
Shells kicked and tossed
Discarded from use

Like the shells on the beach
The souls of men judged

Up on the beach
The Saviour comes
The Lover of our soul
Mending the cracks and broken pieces
Restoring the shells to oneness
Making them whole

Like the shells on the beach
The souls of men
Once deemed worthless
In the hands of Jesus
Worth is restored
Once deemed useless
In the hands of Abba
Value and purpose come to the fore

From the depth of the sea that hid me
To the shore where the world
Can brutally judge me
In the arms of a Dad who does nothing but love me

I am safe
I am found
I am loved
©2010 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 

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