Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Leader In Waiting

I think one of the worse things in the world is being a leader with no place to lead. It's one thing to not know who you are. It's another thing altogether to know who you are, understand what you were born for and yet have no place or voice to be you. 

This is the place where humility shines best. This is the place where we learn to limit ourselves and come up under another and serve the vision in their heart without guile, without ambition, without expectation. 

This is the place where trust shines brightest. The place where you choose like Jesus to say, "Father, into Your hands, I commit my spirit." This is the place where you admit not knowing, not seeing and yet fully trusting, like Jesus, "Father, thou knowest." 

This is the place of expectation, where Romans 8:28 becomes a living, breathing truth that God indeed works all things together for good to them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

This is the place of hope, confidently expecting good to come. In this place, we're waiting for good, anticipating good, looking for good around each corner; knowing that God has His very best in store for you, for no good thing  will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. He's a good Father right? No, scratch that. He's the perfect Father and He only gives good and perfect gifts. Trust His timing, it's the best.

This is a place of celebration and honor. This is a time to cheer on your leaders. Honor those who have the charge. Honor doesn't mean agreement. You are uniquely you. Of course you would do things differently, that's why you're a leader.  Celebrate their gift of individuality and how they see things.  Don't use this time to compare, critique or judge. Don't get offended at what's not happening. Celebrate what is happening. Use this time to develop an attitude of gratitude.

This is a time of preparation. God is 100% responsible for His part and you are 100% responsible for yours. Do your part. Ask Holy Spirit how you can prepare for your moment to lead. Read. Grow. Develop your personal history with God. Cultivate listening skills. Work on you. Agree with God. David didn't become a great warrior the day he defeated Goliath. He became a great warrior in
the field keeping watch over his father's sheep. Often times, the things we deem minuscule, meaningless and mundane are the things that sharpen our character and hone our leadership skills. 

Let your life be your platform, not your position. Whether you are in the pew or the pulpit; the  boardroom or the factory floor; the front office or the mail room, you are a display of His splendor. Don't shrink back from being you because the now moment doesn't quite look like you want it to. The world needs you now. 

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