Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Can't We All Just Get Along?

My kids are all different. I have one who loves to go ALL the time. I have one who loves to stay at home ALL the time. I have one who loves to work and make their own way. I have one who...hmm, struggles with the concept of work. ;) I have a few that are loners. And a few that never want to have a moment to themselves. But they are mine and I love them. I don't try to make the other three be like the one or the one be like the three or two of them to be like the other two. They have complete freedom to be who they are.

If I being a natural parent can release that kind of freedom to our kids, how much more does Papa God release that freedom to us? So why then do we, in the body of Christ keep trying to make others conform to our ideals and image?

Can we not trust Abba to work in the hearts and minds of each individual as they journey with Him? We hurl insults at the ones who choose rest over striving. We call them slackers, lazy, convincing them with our rhetoric that they should be working, doing. We slam the ones who choose to embrace grace over performance. We mock those who choose IC over some other unconventional form of relational worship... It's ridiculous.

Hey brothers! We are to be known by our love, not our condescension. The bickering doesn't look good on us.

You have full permission to be different. If you want to labor for God, go plow the harvest. If you want to rest, recline on His breast. If you want to beg for more then have at it. If you want to bask in His fullness, then wallow in it. If you want to feast, dine. If you want to fast, starve.

My point? We all have the same Dad. We're His kids. It's okay for you to be different. I don't need to look like you, think like you, worship like you, have the exact same theology as you, live like you to have the same Father. We are all His kids. There is room for everyone of us at the table. True unity is the celebration of diversity. You being you is attractive. No clones needed.

The laborers stand shoulder to shoulder with the resters. The feasters link arms with the fasters. We're in this together with one end in mind - to be made whole and holy by His love.

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