Saturday, March 26, 2016

Comparison Kills

Paraphrasing from Baxter Kruger's, The Great Dance and my own heart's cry as I read it:

The logic of darkness begins with the whispering lie of the evil one. "I am not.." [I am not good, worthy, successful, smart, thin, likeable, capable, etc.] And we believe his lie. 

We dream a dream, invent a glory, create a legend in our own minds (to reinvent ourselves so we can overcome the lie). Then we work our fingers to the bone to attain our false self, to live out our masked existence for the approval of others. 

All the while not only missing our true glory, but unwittingly poisoning it, short circuiting the life of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit within us, doing violence to our very beings. Creating the illusion of someone we are not, parading around in our own glory and it never crosses our mind that Almighty God, our Heavenly Father who knows our names and likes us has already given us His glory to be a display of His splendor in the earth.  

Comparison kills. The real you is altogether lovely. Let God arise and the evil one be scattered.

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