Monday, January 11, 2010

Ode To The One I Love

Cast away the heaviness
Light the embers in my soul
Draw me to Thy well
Where Thou Living Waters Make Me Whole
Light of the World
Cause the darkness to flee
Into the depths of my heart plunge
To cleanse e'er iniquity
Draw me to the feet of Jesus
Pour on Your Love and Oil
Settle e'er anxiety, fear, and worry
The tempest waves no longer roll
My heart is free to serve you
To live in the center of your will
Draw me nearer, Dear Lord
At your cross, my flesh doth kill
As the sun sets on a long day
So your blood set upon my heart
Covering with mercy every sin, deed, and thought
No longer an old man
I walk in the new
Filled with your Spirit
The Love on my heart thick as dew
Draw me Dear Saviour
To Your Feet do I run
Dad desires to celebrate
the return of His son
Home I come
Free from shame
Free from wordly yoke & bondages of sin
Into the chamber of your heart
Do I enter in
Hid in a place honed only for me
Saved by Grace
My judgement paid on a cross at Calvary
To live life less than one of victory
Cheapens the blood Christ shed for me
The heaviness is gone!
The fog is lifted!
To the bosom of my Father my life has drifted.

©2009 Felicia Murrell

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