Friday, February 26, 2010

My Identity Declaration

Feel free to insert your name or a loved one's name in the blank spaces and declare the Word of the Lord over yourself and them.  This was written for a women's bible study that I taught entitled, "Come to Papa."  I can't remember now if Holy Spirit gave this to me or if I "borrowed" from several sources.

May you be blessed. I call your spirit man to attention as you declare the Word of the Lord over your life today.

Father, you said that you are the light of the world and whoever follows you will never walk in darkness.
Father, I declare that ____ follow you.
__________ will have the light of life and will never walk in darkness (John 8:12).
Lord, I declare that as _______________ knows you intimately, you will reveal yourself as ABBA to her.
Father, I declare that you and ______________ are one through the shed blood of your son, Jesus. Father, I declare that ___________ is not alone for you have not left her comfortless.
Holy Spirit minister healing to every wound. Holy Spirit minister joy for sorrow.
Holy Spirit, I declare over _______ acceptance by the Father and not rejection. Holy Spirit, minister peace for anxiety.
Holy Spirit, I declare over _____ liberty and freedom in Christ over guilt and shame.
Father, I declare love where there is anger, bitterness, frustration, hurt, or hate for love covers a multitude of sins.
Lord, I declare that even now, Your Comforter, the Holy Spirit is with _______ and she does what pleases you.
Lord, I declare that _____ is no longer a slave to sin. ______ is no longer ruled by her emotions. Father, intimately reveal the truth of who you are to ______. And as ______ knows the truth, set her free (John 8:32).
Lord, I declare that _____ is a daughter/son of the Most High and has been permanently set in your family (John 8:35). No longer is there a need to search for love, no longer is there a need to seek acceptance, and no longer is there a need to experience the sting of rejection, the bondage of guilt.
For ____, I declare that you have been set free by the Son of God and are truly free in deed. In God’s family, you are loved, so much that the Son died for you. In God’s family, you are accepted in the beloved.
_____, I declare that you are not forgotten, neither have you been forsaken.
_____, your very name is inscribed in the Lord’s palm.
_____ everyday a chamber of his heart beats just for you. Lord, I declare that your language is clear to _______ (John 8:43). No longer do you speak in parables. The voice of the Holy Spirit is clear.
I declare that _____ is able to hear what you say, that ____ recognizes your voice and a stranger’s voice they will not follow.

©2010 Felicia Murrell

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