Thursday, May 20, 2010


Flying at 50,000 feet, I asked the Lord, "Father, what are you doing? What does this mean? How do we partner with you?"

This is what I heard (May 7, 2010): The prayers of creation were ushering in a revelation of His sons.  I kept hearing, "Ground swell.  Ground swell.  Even as the land was quickly flooded and gusts of wind blew on the area, so I am flooding Middle Tennessee with my Presence in even greater dimensions than you've known before.  Even as unnatural things happened in the environment, supernatural things are beginning to manifest in Middle TN.  The air is becoming thin. The air is becoming thin.  There is an increase in the angelic and the presence of supernatural beings.  Even as many rally to aid victims in need, so shall my sons and daughters rally together to pour out my love on the needy, the broken, the hungry, the castaway.  Intercessors, put your boots on the ground.  Blow the trumpet in Music City.  Sound the alarm, the sons are rising. The sons are rising.  There is a suddenly that is getting ready to happen and the outcome is greater than we have dared to imagine.  Shift is happening.  Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard.   Release the sound over the dam."
©2010 Felicia Murrell YzCounsel Ministries 

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